WIPO Mitteilung; Genf; 26. Oktober 2020

Iceland becomes the first Nordic country to offer the Madrid e-Filing service to trademark users, following Bulgaria a few weeks beforehand.

Since October 7, 2020, the Icelandic Intellectual Property Office has given access to Madrid e-Filing service to trademark applicants via its website. Brand owners will have the possibility to file international applications online. Conveniently nestled within the e-Filing service, users will have direct access to Madrid Goods & Services Manager to check the classification of terms in their list of goods and services.

The number of IP Offices using this WIPO solution has rapidly risen from three in 2018 to ten today: the Benelux, Australia, Georgia, Austria, Lithuania, Estonia, Canada, the Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria, and now Iceland.

A few months only after the launch of the Madrid Application Assistant, the Icelandic IP Office chooses to digitalize the service it offers to Madrid users by adopting Madrid e-Filing.

The extension to Madrid e-Filing allows Icelandic brand owners to take advantage of its latest feature: the ability to communicate with their Office of origin and immediately receive and respond to irregularities issued by WIPO electronically. This feature is available to all participating Offices and helps to save a significant amount of time in the processing of international registrations.


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